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TV anime "takt op.Destiny" is now broadcasting on TV TOKYO 6 stations


TV anime "takt op.Destiny" Broadcasting on TV TOKYO 6 stations net BS TV TOKYO from October 5th, every Tuesday from midnight! The fastest delivery on Amazon Prime Video from October 5th every Tuesday at 1am!.

Music is the light that illuminates people's hearts suddenly, that "light" is robbed from the world. The world changed on the night when the black meteorite "Kuroya Meteorite" fell from the sky. A strange monster "D2" created from a black meteorite begins to overrun the earth and people.D2 was attracted to the melody played by humans, and eventually "music" itself was contraindicated. However, those who oppose the monster appear. Girls with music as their power- "Music Cart". They possessed the great opera and musical score that remains in human history and used it as the power to defeat D2.

Is the melody created by the two boys and the girl delight or despair?

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