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A Christmas Nightmare - Terrace House: Boys & Girls in The City (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2015-2016) Episode 19 Summary & Recap

That night, Arisa and Arman went to a restaurant in Tokyo to have dinner. He then said that he would like to take her somewhere after the dinner. Meanwhile at home, Tatsuya and Minori celebrate Christmas with pizza and beer. He gave her a present as well. Arisa and Arman went to see the Christmas illumination. They went to sit on top of a building and Arman said something to her about the thing he wanted to say when they went to the amusement park. He finally said that he really likes her and she said that they were living together, going to places, having fun and all but she doesn’t want to change the relationship they have now. She said she’s sorry and that she sees him more like a family. He said that it was fine and that he’s thankful that he now knows her true feelings. Back at the house, Arman woke Tatsuya up so they could talk about what happened. They went to the rec room and there, Arman told him what happened. He said that the night was going fine and they were even holding hands but she said that she only sees him as a family or friend. He doesn’t get it and that’s why he wanted to talk to him. Tatsuya thinks that Arisa’s at fault and that it seemed like she led him on. Minori and Arisa also talked in the girls’ room and Arisa said her side. A few moments later, Tatsuya went into the room to have a talk with Arisa as well. She said that while it’s true that she had feelings for him, to be in a relationship is something else. Tatsuya asked her why she held hands with Arman and she said that it was easy to hold hands with him because of how she feels. He then straight up told her that she should’ve not held hands with him as it was very misleading. She knows that he has hurt him. The following morning, Arisa went to the boys’ room to wake Arman up but it seemed like he wasn’t in the mood to talk to her. That afternoon, the boys were cleaning the living room and talked about how Arisa went to the room to explain herself but he was sleeping and didn’t feel like talking. The girls were in the kitchen cleaning and talked about what happened as well. Tatsuya and Minori went to clean the Japanese room and that left Arisa and Arman to disassemble the Christmas tree. Arman said that he knows she went to the room that morning to try and talk to him but he wasn’t feeling it so he pretended to be asleep. But since he’s now feeling better, he agreed to talk. He said that he was a little down not because he was rejected but she called him a “sibling”. They decided to stop disassembling the tree and sat down so that they could talk better. Arman said that he rather have things said straight to his face than rounding things up. She said that she likes him and that she wanted to get to know him better and apologized for not communicating better. The following day, Arisa and Minori were already leaving for the new year. Arman was left home alone. After the new year, Minori came back and saw Arman by the couch. Tatsuya and Arisa already came back too but they went to work. The new members arrived and they welcomed Ota Hikaru, a model and a construction worker on the side. He introduced himself and said his hobbies. Moments later, the new female member arrived, Natsumi Saito, a model and an aspiring actress. 

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