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Worst Date Ever… For Him! - Terrace House: Boys & Girls in The City (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2015-2016) Episode 18 Summary & Recap

Minori and her sister met at a cafe in Tokyo. She said that nothing’s changed since their relationship started because they barely get time to be together. She also told her that Mizuki and Yuki had already left the house. She was really surprised. Back in the house, Arman and Arisa were decorating the Christmas tree together. They talked about Christmas in Hawaii and what they did for Christmas the previous year. Arman said that the day before Christmas, his ex broke up with him. He then asked her if she’s got any plans for christmas and she said that she’s free on the 24th. He said to keep that day open and they should go somewhere. Back to Minori and her sister, Minori told her about the Japanese room on the second floor and that she and Tatsuya made it as their room. Her sister was kinda surprised and asked her what it's like being in a relationship. She said that it doesn’t feel any different. Kurumi then said that Tatsuya might ask her to leave the house with him and Minori said that they haven’t talked about that because everytime that topic opens up, they kind of argue about it. That night, in the girls’ room, Tatsuya was hanging out with Minori. He said that he wanted to see the Star Wars movie and she said that they should go watch it. She also told him about her conversation with Kurumi earlier that day. He said that being in the Terrace House does something for their relationship, like it gives them benefits. He thinks that they would be too distant from each other if they leave the house already. But if she leaves, he will leave too as there will be no point staying if she’s not there. That night, Arman went to the gym and had a talk with his trainer. He mentioned about finding a job and he said that if he wants to work as a trainer, he can introduce him. The following day, he went to the place his trainer told him and it looks like he got himself a part time job. The next day, Arman was eating in the living room when Arisa approached him and asked how he was. He said that he was fine but couldn’t remember what happened the night before because he got dead drunk. He noticed that Arisa looks like she’s going somewhere and asked her where she’s going. Apparently, they had planned to go to the amusement park and it seemed like he forgot. They still pushed through in the afternoon. Before going home, they went to ride the Ferris wheel. He gave her a present early and she was happy. That night, Tatsuya and Arman talked about the date and Arman said it was the worst date for him as he was wasted and threw up a total of five times at the amusement park. He said that he will do better next time. In the girls’ room, Minori and Arisa also talked about the date. She said that she wasn’t unhappy because of what happened but instead, she felt like she became closer to him. The new members are about to arrive too! 

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