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Victory! + Mizuki and Yuki’s Last Day - Terrace House: Boys & Girls in The City (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2015-2016) Episode 17 Summary & Recap

They never knew they had a Japanese-style room on the second floor so Arman, Mizuki, and Arisa decided to check it out. They laid out the futon and fixed the beddings. In the living room, Minori and Tatsuya were also there when the three went down and told them to use the room. Tatsuya and Minori went up to check the room. And they seem awkward xD. The following morning, Arisa went into the kitchen and saw Minori eating breakfast. They talked about the things they’re going to do for the day and plans for Christmas. Minori said that Tatsuya told her to keep the 24th free while Arisa said that she doesn’t have plans at that moment. That night, Yuki woke Arman and Tatsuya and told them that he’s leaving to go to Africa. Tatsuya said that he’s going to talk to Minori about his plans for the future. In the girls’ room, they were trying out the sample hats Arisa brought from work. Mizuki then grabbed the chance to tell them she’s leaving. She said that she’s just going to spend Christmas there and go. The following night, Minori and Mizuki were in the girls’ room and Arisa arrived from work. Minori doesn’t look fine and she opened up about it. She said that she was out with Tatsuya for a while because their schedules didn't match. She said that things got awkward and they went home in silence. They talked about their future plans but didn’t say much about it. She said that her and Tatsuya’s plans were different and she didn’t want to make it an issue so she didn’t press it. The following day, Minori was washing the dishes when Arman came into the kitchen. She talked to him about her situation with Tatsuya. She said that things were awkward recently and that when she speaks her mind, the situation turns negative as he has too many objections. That night, the girls were in the living room together with Arman and they were talking about his weigh in for the competition. Mizuki and Minori retired to the bedroom and left Arisa and Arman. They talked for a while and then retired to their respective rooms. The following morning, Arisa was eating breakfast in the dining hall when Arman came in. She asked him if he wanted to eat before the weigh in and he said that he thinks it’s better not to eat any. Then, Arisa said that if he wins, they should eat somewhere good. She said that she’ll take him anywhere he wants. The day of the competition came and they were all supporting him. Arman won the fight and he said to Arisa that he wanted to go to an amusement park. That night, Mizuki, Minori, and Yuki prepared a victory dinner for Arman. It was Yuki’s last night as well and he decided to go drinking until morning. Arman says he’ll join him as he doesn’t have plans the following day. The next day, Tatsuya went to the girls’ room to say goodbye to Mizuki as he’s leaving early for work. She thanked him and he said that she should come by again for a haircut. He also said farewell to Yuki. Moments later, Mizuki and Yuki left together. 

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