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The Losing Group - Terrace House: Boys & Girls in The City (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2015-2016) Episode 16 Summary & Recap

That night, Arman, Yuki, Arisa, and Minori were drinking while eating dinner and they talked about their hiking date. Yuki asked Arisa when her free day is and said that if the timing works out, they could go grab a bite or something. Arman and Yuki went out to buy more drinks. The girls were left at the table and talked about the date. Arisa said that it was fun and they held hands up until the summit. The following day, Minori and Tatsuya were in the living room watching the previous episodes of this Terrace House. Tatsuya said that it was embarrassing watching them. They decided to eat curry as they said that they were both hungry. That afternoon, Arisa and Arman ate at a cafe and talked about work. Arman asked her if she’s interested in someone and she said that there is. She asked the question back and he also said that there might be someone he’s interested in. The following day, Arman went to the gym and trained for his competition. That night, Yuki and Arisa went to dinner at a restaurant in Tokyo. Yuki said that he wanted to drive the big car and Arisa said that they can use it to go to Costco. Yuki laughed and said that he wanted to use it on a date and not for Costco. He thought about going somewhere with Arisa and said that they can go on a day trip. That night, Yuki and Tatsuya were in the boys’ room and they talked about Yuki’s next date with Arisa. Yuki said that since Christmas is coming, it would be nice to take her to see the Christmas lights. But, they still haven’t decided where to go yet. Yuki then said she doesn’t seem excited when they talked about it and Tatsuya said that she would say no if she’s not interested and that he should just go for it. Yuki thanked him for the tip. Meanwhile, Arman, Arisa, and Mizuki were in the living room playing cards when Yuki walked in on them and excused Arisa. He said that he wasn’t able to ask her out properly when they had dinner so he’s taking the chance to ask her out on a date. She then said that she wouldn’t mind if they’re going with everyone instead of going out with just the two of them. Defeated, he then said that it would be nice if they would go with everyone. Yuki went back to the boys’ room and told Tatsuya that he was rejected. In the girls’ room, they also talked about it and Arisa said that she just can’t see Yuki as someone she’d be attracted to. She’s interested in someone else and going out on another would feel like two-timing. On another night, Mizuki and Arman went out for dinner. He complimented her new haircut and said that short hair looks good on her. It was Tatsuya who cut her hair. They talked about the upcoming match and the date in Mt. Takao. Arman then opened up that he's been attracted to Arisa ever since she came. That night, Yuki and Mizuki were in the rec room talking about their positions as she said that they were in the “losing group”. Mizuki said that they have about a month to go and she wanted to stay until the end. Yuki then said that he’s been thinking of leaving early as he wanted to go overseas. Mizuki also said that she’s considering leaving as well. 

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