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Heating Up For Someone Else - Terrace House: Boys & Girls in The City (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2015-2016) Episode 15 Summary & Recap

In the girls’ room, Minori told the girls that they kissed and then said that it just happened and she’s happy. Meanwhile, Tatsuya also told the boys and Arman teased him about it. They too asked if they are in a relationship now and he said that they didn’t talk about it. Yuki said that they are still not official and Tatsuya agreed but they have feelings for each other. The following morning, Tatsuya was going to Korea for work and he woke Minori who was sleeping in the living room. He went to talk to her about being exclusive before leaving. Now that they are official, she kissed him goodbye and he said that he will see her in three days. That night, Arisa and Arman went to the gym to do kickboxing. That night, Arisa was in the kitchen making bento for her hike with Arman. Minori went into the kitchen and they chatted while Arisa was cooking. She asked her about what she thinks of Arman and he said that he’s the type to survive a deserted island. Meanwhile, Mizuki came home and went to the kitchen and saw Arisa making the bento. She asked her if she’s going somewhere and she said that she’s going on a hike with Arman. Arisa then said that she finds Arman easy to talk to so she made plans with him to hike Mt. Takao. In the girls’ room Mizuki opened up to Minori about her feelings and said that she’s not sure of what she’s feeling. She said that she knows Arisa’s feelings towards Arman and she’s not sure if it’s jealousy she’s feeling. The following day, Arisa and Arman went to Mt. Takao to hike. They reached the summit and talked about going on their next adventure. They decided to eat the lunch Arisa made. They talked about doing a relaxed activity on their next date. That night, Mizuki and Arisa were in their room and talked about their date. She said that it was really easy being with him. She excused herself and went to the bath. The following morning, Mizuki was eating breakfast when Arman came into the kitchen and talked about eating out together. He agreed and Mizuki said that she will let him know the details. (It seems like a rivalry is taking place xD)

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