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Lady Snowblood (1973) - a bloody and influential revenge epic of the '70s

In Lady Snowblood (1973), one of the most visually influential films to emerge from Japan in the 1970s, Meiko Kaji plays a woman out to avenge the murder of her father at the hands of five thugs. Her mother managed to kill one before she succumbed to the pains of childbirth. The other four are up to Lady Snowblood to eliminate. In a flashback of her father's brutal murder, the camera freeze-frames on each of the assassins before their swords plunge through the man, sending geysers of bright red blood spraying. Lady Snowblood was one of the most influential films on Quentin Tarantino's own tribute to the genre: Kill Bill. But nothing beats the original.

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2021-10-17 23:41:51
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