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堀さんと宮村くん Horimiya - So Who Likes Whom?

Hori, a popular girl in school, gets linked to Miyamura. Miyamura has kept a low profile for most of his school life. Showing up all nerdy with his glasses, and keeping himself out of cliques and groups. He has always worn full uniforms even on hot days, and even though this made him shut to the side, he has preferred it this way. Until Hori came along.

Hori and Miyamura have spent a lot of time together lately, hanging out together after school because of a fortunate incident brought about by Hori's younger brother. Ishikawa, one of their classmates, have told Miyamura that he is going to confess to Hori. Miyamura, feeling like it wasn't his place to meddle, let him be, and was ready to face the consequence. Even if it meant that they can no longer spend time together.

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