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How To Make Her Feel? - Terrace House: Boys & Girls in The City (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2015-2016) Episode 13 Summary & Recap

Yuriko’s ex doesn’t want to get back with her. He said that his reason is the same as when they broke up and that he’s even busier than before. So even if they get back together, he might not make her happy and also, he’s coming back to his hometown. That night, they had a feast as it’s Yuriko’s last night in the house. Over dinner, they talked about Arman’s competition and Yuriko’s meet-up with her ex. She said she was rejected but she got her closure so it’s fine either way. The following day, she thanked everyone and then left. That night, Minori, Yuki, Tatsuya, and Arman were in the living room thinking about getting dinner when the doorbell rang. They thought it was the new member but it was just Minori’s sister visiting them. She got to talk to everybody and have fun with them. Tatsuya said that she represents the voice of the viewers as she had many opinions regarding the show. Moments later, they went into the girls’ room and talked about Tatsuya. The three of them agreed that he should be more expressive, in a sense like holding her or being “intimate” but Minori worries that Tatsuya is not yet on that level so the best they can do is go on more dates. After some time, they went out of the room and said that Minori’s sister wanted to see the playroom. She said that she will have Tatsuya show her and they got the moment to talk about his feelings regarding Minori. Since she’s watching the show, she can see how things were going and said that his feelings weren’t reaching Minori very well. He said that he would rather show through actions than words. The following night, Minori and Mizuki were in the living room talking about Tatsuya and Kurumi’s (Minori’s sister) conversation. Yuki and Tatsuya joined them afterwards then the doorbell rang. The new member came in, Ohata Arisa, a designer and business owner. She introduced herself and talked about her ideal type as well. When they went to the girls’ room, the boys talked about her. Arman said that she’s cute while Yuki said that her goal made her appealing. 

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