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Is She Just Best Of Three? - Terrace House: Boys & Girls in The City (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2015-2016) Episode 12 Summary & Recap

In the morning, Arman was walking around Tokyo looking for a part-time job as an English teacher. In a restaurant in Odaiba, Minori and Tatsuya were having dinner and talking about work. They decided to stroll afterwards and sat by the banks to continue their talk. They made their feelings about each other clear enough but for Minori, the things are moving fast so she still cannot give an answer. Another thing that's bothering her is that she just felt like she was just the best choice out of the three girls and that Tatsuya was not being that genuine. But he assured her that it’s not the case and what he feels towards her is true. She apologized to him for deciding too long. Back at home, Minori, Mizuki, and Arman were talking in the living room about Minori and Tatsuya’s date. Minori said that she was asked to be his girlfriend but said that she still needs a little more time to decide. They changed the topic and asked Arman how the job hunting went and he said that he was still looking for a job. The topic was going to the beach then surfing and Mizuki mentioned that they could surf in Shonan Beach. They decided to go surfing one day. In the boys’ room, Tatsuya shared his sentiments about the date and Arman gave him advice to just communicate and show her everyday how he feels. He thanked Arman for the tip. Arman then shared that he’s the type who would go for it even if the setting is awkward, he would express how he feels and wouldn’t beat around the bush. The following day, Arman went to the gym to work out and do some kickboxing. That night, Arman and Minori were in the kitchen and they were talking about how’s it going with Tatsuya. The following day, Mizuki and Arman went to Kamakura shrine first to offer prayers. Then, they had lunch at a Mexican restaurant around the area. After eating, they went shopping for sweatshirts. Afterwards, they went to the beach to watch the sunset. He then asked Mizuki if she wants to come see him compete in an amateur kickboxing competition and she said that she will come and leave her schedule open. One day, Yuriko was getting ready for her meet up with ther ex and Mizuki helped her with her hair again. Yuriko and her ex met at a cafe and Yuriko told him that she’s leaving Terrace House the following day. Reasons are she’s starting an internship and she thinks it’s not appropriate to treat patients while being in the show and of course, to get back with him. 

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