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Boy From The Rainbow State - Terrace House: Boys & Girls in The City (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2015-2016) Episode 11 Summary & Recap

In this episode, Seina was at the Girls Award and she noticed Tatsuya backstage while she’s getting her hair and make-up done. She also got to talk to Minori and asked if she’s in love. Minori said that maybe she already was but still unsure. Seina gave her advice and said that they both should be clear to each other. Minori said that they will be talking about it over dinner and she’s not planning on turning him down. Seina also gave advice to Tatsuya that he should be clear with his feelings. He thanked her for telling him what to do. After the show, they had a celebratory party at home. They talked about the best parts of the fashion show and praised Minori. While they were eating, Makoto announced that he’s leaving Terrace House because the baseball season had already ended. The girls were surprised but the boys already knew it. The following Morning, they sent Makoto off. Before leaving, he gave each one of them handwritten letters. Meanwhile, the new member is going to join them shortly. That night, while Tatsuya, Minori, and Yuriko were talking in the living room, the new member arrived. Arman from Hawaii. He hopes to teach English while he’s staying in Japan. He shared information about himself as well as his last relationship and ideal types. Tatsuya showed him their room and his would-be bed. Yuki came inside moments later and met him. Mizuki came home and was informed that the new member had already arrived. The girls were gushing over Arman. The following morning, Mizuki was in the kitchen when she met Arman. They had a small talk and planned to have a small welcoming party for him. That night, they had a welcoming party. Also, Yuriko announced that she is planning on getting back together with her ex after that, she’s leaving Terrace house. 

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