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A treacherous lover - Himiko (1974)

In the 1974 film ‘Himiko’, Himiko (Shima Iwashita) finds out about her lover and half-brother Takehiko’s (Masao Kusakari) treachery. She fell in love with him but he betrayed her for Adahime (Rie Yokoyama), an oracle and friend of Himiko’s.


Though she was almost consumed by jealousy and heartbreak, Himiko’s attendant Nashime tells her that she must take over after the next king. She begins to redeem herself by punishing Takehiko. She has him abducted to face her in court. In this scene, Takehiko is banished from the land of the sun god worshippers (Himiko’s kingdom). The court attendees carry out his graphic, bloody punishment by flaying his skin, performing a ceremony, then feeding him to animals. Afterward, they do the cleansing ritual by the sea. The last stage is banishing Takehiko to somewhere far, tortured and barely alive.


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