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Before He Says The Words… - Terrace House: Boys & Girls in The City (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2015-2016) Episode 10 Summary & Recap

Minori got casted for a runway show by a famous brand called Jill by JillStuart. That night, Yuriko decided to call her ex-boyfriend and asked to meet up. Meanwhile, Makoto was playing in the rec room and Minori joined him. She made it clear to him that the next time they hang out, it doesn’t mean that she’s responding to his feelings toward her. She also said that she was interested in him and that she liked him but she had no idea what he was thinking or what he wanted to do so she lost interest. In the boys’ room, Makoto shared to the boys what he and Minori talked about.  He said he was dumped and he was in the wrong. The following night, Minori, Tatsuya, and Mizuki were in the living room chatting about how their days went. Minori said that she passed the audition and she’s going to a fashion show. Tatsuya will be helping her with her hair. Just as the timing was right, Tatsuya’s workplace will work with the Girls Award, the show where Minori would appear. That night, Yuriko and her ex-boyfriend met at a restaurant and talked about their relationship. Meanwhile, Minori went to Tatsuya’s workplace to get pampered. Tatsuya said that she could get even with him if he makes him food and she suggested making pasta. Back to Yuriko and her ex, she was asking for a comeback but he rejected her because he would like her to focus on the upcoming exams. She asked him if she could get an answer after the exams and he said that he should be ready by then. At the house, Minori and Mizuki were talking in the kitchen while Minori was making the pasta for Tatsuya. Tatsuya said that the pasta tasted good and he gave it a hundred points. As the Girls Award is drawing near, she asked him what brand they will work for and he said that he doesn’t know yet as it is still in discussion. After eating, Mizuki was helping Minori with her cat walk. She was practicing beside the pool. Meanwhile, the boys were in the rec room when Makoto announced that he was leaving the house. 

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