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Yakuza Graveyard (1976) - middle of the night whiskey and rock 'n roll

Kinji Fukasaku's frenetically filmed yakuza flick finds Tetsuya Watari playing a hard-hitting, no-holds-barred cop, Kuroiwa, who plays by his own rules. He sleeps both casually and regularly with the former girl of a gangster he shot in the line of duty. She sees him as being indebted to her for having killed her lover and insists he should pay her enough money to open her own bar if he won't follow through and marry her.

Fukasaku's cool camerawork floats through and around Kuroiwa's apartment as he gets drunk and blasts American rock 'n roll on his vinyl in the middle of the night. He's interrupted when the girl calls insisting he man up and marry her. Ironically, some random guy she's clearly been sleeping with appears in the background and comes over to romance her while she's in the middle of her call. Yakuza Graveyard certainly presents an interesting slice of life!


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