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Rituals of a shaman queen - Himiko (1974)

The story of Japan’s shaman queen Himiko is explored through Masahiro Shinoda’s 1974 movie ‘Himiko’. According to Japanese legend, Himiko was the queen of the Yamatai kingdom (now speculated to be in either northern Kyushu or Yamato Province in central Honshu. Her reign is surrounded by mystery and magic.


In Shinoda’s film, Himiko (Shima Iwashita) is seen performing a ceremony that helps her hear the voice of the gods. As royalty with sorcery abilities, she is the only one who can communicate with them. She holds a mirror to the sun and begins to enter a trance, drawing shapes on the white sand below her. She relays the message of the gods to her attendants: “The kingdom shall be conquered by none other than me, Himiko. In that kingdom, people worship the mountain god and the god of the land of prosperity. To conquer the kingdom, their gods must be absorbed. To do that, the people of the sun gods must also worship the land gods!” Afterward, the king, her father, accuses her that those aren’t the words of the gods.


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