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What A Good Day! - Terrace House: Boys & Girls in The City (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2015-2016) Episode 9 Summary & Recap

In a cafe around Tokyo, Minori met her sister and talked about the things going on around the house. She asked her what she wanted to do there as she knows what happened to Mizuki being ganged up on when she was unclear with her goal. Minori said that she’s doing modelling and is planning to work at a ranch someday. Her sister suggested that she quit her part-time job to focus on her modelling but Minori said it won’t be easy. Minori then said that she’ll be going on a date again with Tatsuya. Her sister asked her if she likes him and she said that she will see if things will change after the date. When their date came, they went to a farm and experienced making hand-made udon noodles. Afterwards, they tried other activities like the zipline. While they were resting, Tatsuya grabbed the chance to ask her if there is someone in the house whom she’s attracted to and she said she wasn’t sure. Tatsuya straight out said that he likes her that’s why he asked but he is not looking for answers immediately. The following night, they were both in the living room sewing some clothes. Makoto went to the girls’ room to drop a “present” for Minori. He then joined them in the living room and asked Minori if she’s doing something for the night. She said no and then he asked her if she wanted to go running with him. She agreed. When she went to the room, she was surprised to find the present. They went for a run afterwards and during one of their rest phases, he talked about focusing on baseball until the end of the season. And maybe after that, he could ask her out on a date. The following day, Minori sat down with her agency to tell them that she quit her part-time job to focus on modelling. That night, Yuki and Yuriko went to  Blue Note for dinner. Over dinner, Yuriko opened up about her ex again and that he recently contacted her. She said that she still misses him and that she has a lot of things going on in her head. Back at home, Yuki told Makoto what happened that night and said that he needs to process what happened. In the girls’ room, Yuriko also opened up her feelings with the girls and said that she might meet with her ex again. 

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