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Late Night Poolside - Terrace House: Boys & Girls in The City (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2015-2016) Episode 8 Summary & Recap

Minori and Yuriko were talking about Makoto inside the girls’ room and Minori opened up about her feelings. She said that her feelings toward him might have changed because of his recent attitude and actions. Recently, he’s been messaging her about hanging out again as if nothing happened and Minori became confused about the situation. However, she said that if he asks her out on a date, she will try to go with him. One day, Tatsuya was at work and he shared to his co-workers the issues going inside the house. His co-workers were teasing him about the girls and he said that he already narrowed down his choices. That night, the boys went to meet at a restaurant to eat and have drinks. They talked about sleeping in the living room and Yuki thinks that there should be no one sleeping in the living room because no one could use it if someone is sleeping there. Meanwhile in the girls’ room, they were talking about Makoto again and Yuriko shared that her feelings toward him have already changed. That was because for the past few days, Makoto has been slacking off again, sleeping in late and snacking out. He seemed to be not serious about his baseball career and that turned the girls off. Back to the boys, Tatsuya called out Makoto regarding his recent activities and expressed concern over him. Makoto said that he’s been thinking about his actions and thinks that he should be doing more. The following day, Yuriko met with her friends and told them about the situation in the house, Makoto, and Yuki. That night, they were in the living room eating the cake Mizuki brought home. They talked about the living room situation and all agreed to stop sleeping in the living room. The next morning, Yuki and Minori were in the dining hall just talking about random stuff. That night, Tatsuya went to the girls’ room to talk to Minori. He excused her out and they went to the pool area. Tatsuya asked her out again on a date and she agreed.

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