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The Clapping Game - Blue Spring (2001)

In ‘Blue Spring’ / ‘Aoi Haru’ 青い春 (2001), seven friends, all part of the same high school delinquent group, climb up to the highest point of their school building to do the Clapping Game. It is a challenge to determine who will be their new leader. They must hang off the edge of the railing, let go to clap a certain number of times before grabbing the railing again to prevent themselves from falling off the edge. The one with the greatest number of claps shall be hailed the new leader to be revered by the gang and other students in the school.


Kujo (Matsuda Ryuhei) survives the game with 8 rounds of clapping. As the new leader, he’s expected to rule the school with violence and use his power to gain control over everyone else. However, Kujo is disinterested in that sort of lifestyle. His friend Aoki (Hirofumi Arai) grows tired of his friend’s listlessness and begins to transform into a rival.


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