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A piece of advice for a nihilistic high school gang leader - Blue Spring (2001)

“-Teacher, aren't there some flowers that never bloom?

-Flowers are meant to bloom, not to dry up. That's what I choose to believe.”

- 'Blue Spring' (2001)


Toshiaki Toyoda’s 2001 movie ‘Blue Spring’ / ‘Aoi Haru’ 青い春 depicts teen angst in an unexpectedly poetic manner. ‘Blue Spring’ follows the story of seven high school gangsters, led by Kujo (Ryuhei Matsuda), with the help of his childhood best friend and right-hand man Aoki (Hirofumi Arai). Things go awry when they all begin to part ways. One of them goes to prison, another is dead, someone gave up on baseball, and the others gave up when Kujo was chosen to be the leader.


Everyone in this school is troubled by their own thoughts and the daunting future, which they’re unsure how to tackle. Kujo’s gang joins Hanada-sensei, a teacher who’s in charge of the school garden. The flowers they planted a while back had grown, but some of them are beginning to dry off because they’re not coming together to tend to them. Kujo likens the flowers to him and his classmates, what if they never bloom? All of them want to give up on school and life in some way. Hanada-sensei offers a thoughtful response to Kujo with the quote above.


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