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Hifumin’s revenge - Smoking Episode 12 (Finale)

In the final episode of the 2018 drama ‘Smoking’, The Cleaners kidnap Hifumin and Sabe comes to his rescue. Sabe reveals to Kenuma that the bureaucrats who hired The Cleaners are using them to carry out unjust killings so that they could pin the blame on the organization instead.


Sabe has evidence in an abandoned hospital he used when he was a back-alley doctor. When The Cleaners obtain the tapes and records of agreements between The Cleaners and the bureaucrats, Haccho and Goro barge in to attack. In this scene, Kenuma is the only enemy left standing. Hifumin recognized his tattoo during the previous episode. It was the same tattoo the man who killed his mother had. Hifumin uses his fighting skills to attack Kenuma. He is almost blinded with rage when he picks up a gun, but Haccho, Goro, and Sabe stop him. “Your hands are still clean,” Sabe says. They wanted to keep the youngest Smoking member free from any guilt or lingering negativity if he happens to kill someone.


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