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Declaration of Love War! - Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey Season 2 (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2018-2019) Episode 15 Summary and Recap

The following day, still without Depparin around, they roamed around the town. They were baffled as they saw people who look like Japanese. Apparently, buildings around the town were built by Japanese people. Then, their driver took them to the place of Ahiko Tetsuro, an 87 year old man living with his wife, Elena. He started to tell his story of how and why he was in Kazakhstan. When he was 17 years old, just after World War II, he was sent to Kazakhstan to make up for the labor they had lost in the war. The Soviet took about 50,000 Japanese people to be sent to Kazakhstan for labor. He said that even though he has a lot of things to share, he cannot as he forgot about his mother tongue. Having barely no one to talk to in Japanese. He was once in an internment camp and worked there under harsh conditions. Even so, their pride as Japanese didn’’ make them waver. After the chat, they were taken to the place where the internment camp once stood. They paid their respects to the graves of the people who couldn’t return home. Back inside the wagon, they shared their thoughts about the encounter and Tomu said that he was reminded of his grandmother. That even after the war, the effects could still be felt. 


Even if the team is still travelling without Depparin, Hidekun started feeling her absence. He was thinking alone and said that he was thinking about her. He wasn’t sure if he’s worried about her since she is a member or more than that. Meanwhile AI said that he wants to do something for Depparin but since it was too far, he just wishes that he could be with her on the trip. Back to Depparin, she was feeling a lot better and was determined to get back on the road. She went to follow and meet the rest of the members along the way. One afternoon, when they were about to eat at the restaurant, Depparin arrived. They were all surprised. Hidekun and AI both said that they were glad Depparin was back and that she even looked cuter than before. It seems like both of them have taken a liking to Depparin. The next morning, they were again on the road and Depparin sat beside Junki, the new member. They seemed to be having fun while talking to each other. After a long drive, they spent the night at a hotel. Mya went to meet the crew for an interview. There she revealed that she’s interested in AI. Also that night, AI and Depparin met to chat. They were updating each other about the status of their romances. He wasn’t sure about what he’s saying but he just subtly expressed his love for Depparin and that he’s determined to make her fall for him. The next morning, it was Hidekun’s turn to talk to her. He gave her some stuff she loves that he bought while she was away. She was really happy after that.

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