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The Fifth Ainori Couple: MoaMori + Fall of Depparin - Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey Season 2 (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2018-2019) Episode 13 Summary and Recap

Still in Samarkand, Dr. Morimori asked to meet Moa on this day. She thanked him for listening to her the night before. He gave her a present and on the back, he came up with a title of the song she sang days before. Then, he ran in front of the square and declared his love for Moa. He screamed at the top of his lungs. That morning, he decided to get the tickets for confession, which is why he was able to do it. He gave the ticket to Moa and will be waiting for the answer the following day. During the interview back at the hotel, Dr. Morimori couldn’t help but cry because it was the first time for him to express his emotions like that. Dr. Morimori was waiting for Moa at a park near the blue city. Then they proceeded to say their speeches. The members who were waiting at the wagon were closely watching. Dr. Morimori was crying when Moa was talking. With all that, she’s coming back to Japan with him. They were both crying of happiness. Depparin was happy and crying too! Both of them walked back to the wagon as it was time to say goodbye. Tomu and Dr. Morimori cried so much together xD 


The next destination will be another country in Central Asia. They have arrived in: Kazakhstan! They roamed to find the wagon and they were greeted by their driver, Alduq who likes Takoyaki. Their budget was handed out and each of them gets 2,100 Yen per day. The members were now headed to Astana, the country’s capital.  They were amazed by the city’s infrastructures because it is modern and futuristic. They get to go to an observatory which was designed by a Japanese architect. The world-famous architect who designed the city Astana was Kurokawa Kisho. Meanwhile, all of them were listening to the guide explaining and Depparin distanced herself from the group. She’s still troubled about Hidekun and said that she still doesn’t have an idea on how she should approach him. Tomu was so surprised by the calm Depparin. The following day, they will be joined by the two new members. After 10 minutes, they were joined by Junki, an employee in Harajuku. After another 30 minutes, they were joined by Mya from Tokyo. At the hotel, the men quickly gathered together while in the girls’ room, it’s dead silent. The following morning, as they were inside the wagon, Hidekun and Mya sat together and kept on chatting. That ticks Depparin obviously and she just decided to close her eyes. They had sandwiches for lunch when something happened. She walked out and cried in the staff van. The other members were confused and wondering as well. Mya who got a hold of the situation wondered if it was because of her. 

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