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Trying to preserve the smile of the only girl you love

A well-made concluding scene, starting with the natural resource whose scarcity was the topic of this movie, is based on a real historical event. And well, DECENTly good, by director Motoki Katsuhide. The rice women's rebellion has ended, though not peacefully, but with more than satisfactory results. The government has changed, to a new, considerate-to-poor governor, under whom, rice is now provided 3 times. Writing this fact seems quite unnecessary for me, but at the same time, I remember Ito's mother's words- " something like daily food is granted by men", which might, after all, be true. Everyone is happy with their fair share of rice now. What could be better than this? Only one thing- Ito's husband returning after all these years, from the war? After watching the whole movie, their struggle, cries, sweat, hilarious-curious yet intricate planning to revolt, betrayal, admonishing, and all those things that all the women experienced and shared with each other, and with us viewers, its really worth watching Ito finally smile, right? 

img Bryan01
2021-09-18 09:39:41
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