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When you know you have done wrong, but are scared to accept it

There are often times when failure is not an option. But you do fail on that step, and the next phase is very harsh- it's not that the others demean you, but the fact that you yourself demean your own value and worth. 

The rice women's revolt has failed, and something has happened, which otherwise shouldn't have happened. It has lost the trust of everyone, the women, her friends, and Taki-baa san. Left all by herself, she is also taunted by her mother-in-law, who scolds her for not having enough courage, and that no one will show her sympathy (typical character development). This boy here is a witness to the harsh incident, which destroyed the trust everyone had in Ito. He is her son and wishes that Ito had a little courage back then, to do the right thing. That's why he is in his pro-rebellious mode. And, what the granny says after this scene is also a valid argument, to be frank.(But only for those days)

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2021-09-18 09:37:33
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