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Revelation of the Past - Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey Season 2 (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2018-2019) Episode 12 Summary and Recap

The following day of the World War Depparin 2, still the issue is unresolved. When the members were having breakfast, Depparin showed up. Director Inoue also approached the table. Depparin apologized to everyone for ruining the mood. At the same time, Director Inoue also apologized. They had a short confrontation which surprisingly ended calmly. Dr. Morimori couldn’t help but cry because he was flooded with emotions. He also explained why it was the first time for him to show emotions. It was because of his nature in work and that he needs to be level headed in order to make logical decisions. If he would let emotions kick in, then his judgment would be compromised. When he was crying, Moa asked if he was okay. Seems like Moa has a new target. In the wagon, Hidekun and Sakurako were talking together and Depparin couldn't take it so she covered her face with a jacket. They arrived at Samarkand, the city known as the Oasis of the Silk Road. It was also nicknamed “The Blue City” as a world heritage site. They came to visit Registand, the heart of Samarkand. They took turns taking pictures. They also get to go inside the buildings. Depparin, who wasn’t feeling herself, couldn’t bring a conversation to Hidekun. She ran to director Inoue (unbelievably!!) and he gave her some words of encouragement. Depparin went outside to be alone. That night, Hidekun went to the staff room. During the interview, he said that he feels like he should distance himself from Depparin due to what happened during breakfast. The next morning, Depparin and Mr. Inoue talked. (They’re closer now XD she even has a nickname for him xD) She said that even though they had an argument, he still treated them with care. They also talked about Hidekun and that she’s determined to get him. That day, they went to a popular wedding venue in Samarkand. They even got invited to a wedding reception by a couple who got married that day! Since they cannot wear their casual clothes to the reception, they rushed to a costume rental shop. In Uzbekistan wedding receptions, the status is determined on how many guests they could invite aside from family or friends. They could even invite people they hardly know, that is why they get to go to the reception. Also, there is no tradition of gift giving that is why parents of the bride and groom pay for the venue and all the food. Meanwhile, they got to drink vodka during the reception as a part of their welcoming. Dr. Morimori, who cannot handle strong liquor well, was helped by Moa. She was the one drinking his shot. He also held Moa’s hands. Back at the hotel, Moa shared the experience but she said that she was getting afraid because things were progressing quickly. That night, Moa was waiting for Dr. Morimori at the park because she’s going to tell her secret about why she’s had a past like that. Dr. Morimori listened to her story and was speechless. 

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