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Taka Kato, a retired Japanese pornstar, was interviewed

Asian Boss conducted an interview with a male AV performer.  While an interview with a current artist, such as the busy (and newly married) Shimiken, would have been more interesting and timely, the renowned Taka Kato is still a terrific pick. Taka Kato, the guy whose dexterous fingertips could instantly produce a woman's quivering climax, fingers that inspired their own adult toy!

Kato has been retired from AV for a long time, but he still looks elegant and sporty. What a source of inspiration for all of us. He is approaching 60 years old and began pornography at the age of 28. As he recalls in the video, he probably shot AV on 10,000 days throughout the duration of his incredible career, resulting in possibly twice that many real releases. It also means he had sex with tens of thousands of women. Kato is candid and eloquent throughout the lengthy interview, detailing the hazards of STDs and how he got his start in the field as a young man from the countryside.

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2021-09-18 02:26:17
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