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Eimi Fukada, a porn actor, offers advice on how to make sex more enjoyable for a woman


Eimi Fukada is a woman who knows about sex. She is one of Japan's most popular adult film stars and the creator of an entire brand of adult toys. She's also a generous soul who wants to share her knowledge with the rest of the world. She's also one of the most active JAV stars on YouTube, with a new video called "Intercourse to Get Your Partner Hooked on You" (approximately). Yes, in this movie, Eimi — who is dressed more like a classy office lady than a porn star and can be seen shopping in Daikanyama — gives us the lowdown on how to make a female partner love the sex she has with you. It's only available in Japanese.

Some of them are apparent, even banal, such as responding to a woman's LINE messages on a frequent basis to keep her engaged and demonstrate that your goal on your approaching date isn't only sex. Others are more difficult to pull off, such as not indicating to a woman that you want to have sex. Going on dates when you don't end up having sex at your apartment or a love hotel makes it appear like you're not only interested in her physically. You're doing okay, according to Eimi Fukada, if you leave her startled, possibly even unhappy, that you didn't have. Her next argument is that it's important to mix things up: variety, as they say, is the spice of life. Eimi advises against relying just on missionaries and dogs. Instead, try doing it in front of a mirror or starting sex in the bathtub. What matters is that you surprise her!

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2021-09-18 02:37:00
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