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Sonatine (ソナチネ)


Sonatine (ソナチネ) 

This Japanese yakuza film was edited, written, and directed by Takeshi Kitano. it was Produced by Masayuki Mori, Hisao Nabeshima, and Ritta Saito. Takeshi Kitano( the director)was the starring as well. Sonatine was released on 10 September 1993, with a running time of 94 minutes, it was Distributed by Shouchiku Daichii Kougyo (Japan) and Miramax Films (U.S.).

The cast of the movie were Takeshi Kitano as Murakawa, Aya Kokumai as Miyuki, Tetsu Watanabe as Uechi, Masanobu Katsumura as Ryōji, Susumu Terajima as Ken, Ren Ōsugi as Katagiri, Tonbo Zushi as Kitajima, Ken'ichi Yajima as Takahashi and Eiji Minakata as The hit man. The soundtrack to Sonatine was composed by Joe Hisaishi. It won the Japanese Academy Award for Music in 1994. this movie won numerous awards and became one of Kitano's most successful and praised films, garnering him a sizable international fan base.

Several yakuza from Tokyo are sent to Okinawa to help end a gang war. The war then escalates and the Tokyo drifters decide to lay low at the beach

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2021-09-24 03:33:01
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Maybe even more legendary as an exemplary japanese film of this period in the West - then in the Japan itself

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img Jess
2021-09-17 23:22:48
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