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Orange Days (A drama about someone who met a girl that changed his life, Sweet!)

There really comes a time when you will encounter a truly beautiful work and I can consider Orange Days as one of those. Orange Days is a captivating and heartwarming series that showed the wonders of love, friendship, and dreams for the future.


It is great to watch the smooth development of the story unfold before your eyes. It may not have much of those cheesy scenes unlike some other dramas, but the romance scenes here are sweet, and innocent, in my opinion, if I may add. The friendship between the five characters is good, too! The story made me think of my future again. Somehow, watching this makes me feel nostalgic.


I really commend the actors and actresses for being able to portray their roles very well. It's a well-chosen cast. I wondered how long it took them to be able to learn some sign language because it seems that they're good at it, especially the lead characters. Oh, and it's great that they have chemistry, too!


This series doesn't have that of memorable music, in my opinion, but I actually don't care that much about it because the great story and acting compensated for it. In any case, it's simple and just suits the scenes where it's played.


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