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Nagi no Oitoma (2019)- Nagi's Long Vacation (2019)

“Maybe the air is not something you read. It’s something we breathe in and out.”

 Oshima Nagi (Kuroki Haru), a 28-year-old diligent yet reticent office lady who is so conscious and mindful of the mood around her that she constantly walks on eggshells and readily takes the blame for her colleagues’ mistakes to avoid prolonged awkward air. She’s doing so for two reasons: to fit it and because she has trouble saying ‘no’. This kindness however only gets her to be exploited by her colleagues who still take jabs at her appearance and whatnots. Despite her invisible nature, she actually secret-dates the social butterfly of the company, Gamon Shinji (Takahashi Issei). He barely greets her at work but is super sweet at home, though he’ll turn his domineering switch when it comes to ‘it’, which she puts up with as she waits for his proposal. On top of it all, she has a passive-aggressive mother who also sorts of leeches off her.
Most importantly, this slice of life is pretty relatable and hardly boring despite its fair share of frustrating moments. But again, the ending is fitting and rewarding. Ahh, it’s nice to finish a drama with this satisfying ending after a long while. Nagi no Oitoma is not perfect, but it could be my favorite j-dorama of the year.

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2021-09-20 08:45:48
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2021-09-17 23:43:36
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