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Legal High 2 (Famous law drama here!)

You should know that I watched this drama over a course of about two months. Yes, not because it was draggy or boring. Or I’d rather have it playing in the background whilst browsing my phone. No, I was trying to savor each and every moment of each episode because they were just that entertaining, heartwarming, comedic, and bring relief by delivering what each previous scene promised. Each episode delivered something new and different, making you expect nothing less than what’s shown in the previous episodes.

It had such a different feel to any other Kdramas I’ve watched, especially from the same genre.

Which I think is also thanks to it being an adaptation. From the drama’s tone and vibes, this drama felt different that even if I hadn’t seen the original, this vibe really gives me an idea they paid homage to the original just from the overall tone. It was relaxing and for the first time in so long, I was watching because I was really engrossed in it.

Rather than pushing through in the hopes that the next episode would make me want to keep pressing the next episode button, Legal High did this effortlessly and for a drama, I tried and came across because I was trying to divert my attention from the previous drama I watched, Legal High managed to find a place in my drama favorites. That no matter how much I loved The Guest, this is the drama in sooooo long (including My Mister!!) that I saw because I was enjoying every bit of it.

So was it a perfect drama? Personally, it was almost perfect. It hit everything right, apart from the conclusion.  Where everything felt smooth and flowed consistently, the last few minutes were a bit less than amazing, as compared to what the rest of the show has been. The flow, the logic mostly, of how they came to the conclusion and what conclusion they came to, wasn’t my favorite part. Personally, I felt like it was out of sync with how the rest of the drama had been.

img Jess
2021-09-18 02:57:27
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