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Doctor X 3 (2014) (Another Doctor drama for my medical drama loving friends!)

If you’re a long-time fan of Doctor X, then the Special shouldn’t disappoint much. It has all the things we expect from the show – cool and carefree Daimon pisses every other doctor off in her typical fashion, the ‘I never fail’ motto, some humor along the way (mostly involving doctors acting like clowns), a few dramatic scenes and there’s always a big boss to fight her.

In other words, it’s a typical fanfare. Every other episode or season feels like they’re a rehash of one another and people in Japan will never get tired of it. It’s probably because of Ryoko Yonekura’s star power or viewers are hopelessly enthralled by strong iconic female protagonists. While I think the show is repetitive at its core, I do admit I’m quite curious about this new season. With the Special garnering 22% and the pilot of Season 4 at 20.4%, this show is already the front runner, a no-brainer. There’s a reason why this show survives as long as it does, whether you like it or not, it would take a miracle for this show to flop.

If there’s anything I feel slightly different this time, it’s the villain director played by Takeshi Kitano. Kurosu is somewhat nonchalant as compared to the old archenemy who would instantly rage. Kurosu remains composed throughout the show as he observes Daimon’s skills and beneath his coolness, there’s something up his sleeves. Call him evil or a trashy doctor, he’s still better than the previous enemies who act like spoiled brats. At the very least, Kurosu is not off-putting and that makes this bearable.

Overall, there’s nothing exceptionally fresh but still watchable just for the sake of Daimon. At least, this is better than that Hanasaki Mai show.

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2021-09-18 03:12:10
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