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Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku- The Memorandum Of Kyoko Okitegami (Hottest and Fastest Detective In The World!)

What would you do and how would you feel if you were unable to remember anything beyond the present? If you had no recollection of what happened in the past, no recollection of what happened just a day ago? If every time you went to sleep, you faced the danger of forgetting the day's events? This is what our protagonist faces on a daily basis.

Ever since an accident (of unknown origin) happened, Okitegami Kyoto is unable to retain memories. So each time she falls asleep, she wakes up not even knowing who she is. Okitegami Kyoko is a private detective who solves all of her cases within one day, lest she forgets all the details and important information. Kakushidate Yakusuke claims to be the unluckiest man in the world (he really is tho) and hires Kyoko to help clear his name from some crime he's being blamed for. That's how they meet, and he's obviously fascinated by her. Through their acquaintance, Yakusuke ends up sort of becoming Kyoko's partner and they solve multiple cases together. He ends up falling in love with her, and we witness him trying to make her remember him. It's a really cute, fascinating story.

Love the fact that this drama made me question some things, like the questions I posed at the beginning of my review. It's not a must-see, but definitely a good jdrama. Fascinating is the main word that comes to mind when I think of this drama. A different type of romance I haven't seen before mixed with detective work is some interesting stuff. I love the fact that jdramas are so short, but for once I'm left thinking "if only this were a little longer." I feel like if they had more eps, they would have answered my questions. Maybe there will be a season 2, but I doubt it. I think this is a case of 'it is what it is and that's that. Still not a bad drama, not even close to bad. This is a good watch.

img Jess
2021-09-18 03:25:31
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