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Camping Turned Sour - Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey Season 2 (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2018-2019) Episode 11 Summary and Recap

Is romance finally starting in Uzbekistan? When will the 5th Ainori couple emerge? In this episode, they get to visit a place where traditional Uzbekistan woven fabric is made, Adras. They all get to try wearing traditional clothing and meanwhile, Tom, who remembered something that Sakurako said, wore a feminine costume. Meanwhile, back in the hotel, Dr. Morimori was writing out Moa’s good points. That night, Dr. Morimori asked Sakurako for some dating advice. He even kinda spilled it to Sakurako whom he’s in love with. He was really smitten. The following day, they went to experience Chaikhana, a restaurant in Uzbekistan where you dine on the floor without your shoes on. They started to talk about what they look for in their partner. Moa said that what she looks for is someone who is goal-oriented and pursues that goal persistently. Sakurako said that she wants to be with someone who supports her dream or what she wants to do. For Hidekun, he wants both him and his partner to have clear goals and be able to respect each other. That night, AI and Depparin had a deep talk alone. Depparin opened about not having a particular dream in life. For the first time, she showed weakness in Ainori. Meanwhile, AI also shared that he’s a non-dreamer too and that he doesn’t find having and pursuing a dream is fun at all. He asks Depparin what brings her joy the most. She said that doing everything right in action. Doing what she feels like doing at the moment. AI said that there’s definitely nothing wrong with that if that’s what makes you happy. 


The following day, they went to Lake Charvak. Dr. Morimori went to assist Moa and held her hand. He vowed to protect her to prevent what happened in India. He stayed close to Moa. The next day, they went to a campground 400km from the capital. It was a 10 hour drive. Then they stopped in the middle of the road as they needed to walk to the camping ground. After 5 minutes walking, they have reached the site and they will stay in a tent house called Yurts. However, an incident happened and Depparin was falsely accused of saying foul language again xD Depparin and the novice director Mr. Inoue were in a heated discussion. Depparin walked out and went back to the tent. Tomu, on the other hand, said that based on his experience, the day is wrapped. That night, as they were about to eat dinner, Depparin disappeared. When they found her, she wanted to be alone. Director Inoue went to the men’s tent and talked to them about Depparin. Tomu said she’s a land mine xD 

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