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Follow Saretara Owari (2019) Episodes 13-15 Summary + Highlight

This post contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!


Episode 13


After the breakup, Yuma chats Mayu if she did the right thing. Her friend tells her that it was right to severe ties with Sotaro because too many strange things had already happened to her. Taiyou suddenly shows up again at the shared house to tell Sotaro about his new job. He also reveals that both he and Shindou had received their million yen and are looking to start anew with the sum of money. Yuma later receives hers in the mail. While everyone was turning their backs against him, Gocchin tries to lift Sotaro’s spirits by reminding him of their friendship. The next day, Sotaro seeks out Mizuki, asking if he was the Million Yen President. He says no, he was just threatened and made to do things to ruin Yuma and Sotaro’s relationship. The President also extorted money from him. Sotaro gets Junko’s help to find Ms. Himeno’s address through a livestream.


Episode 14


Sotaro’s livestream is shared by Mizuki, and suddenly gained a ton of viewers. He receives an anonymous message with her address. Sotaro phones Yuma to set aside the breakup for now to meet their ex-teacher together. Himeno is surprised at the sudden visit, but welcomes them in. She has a son, too, whom she had to parent alongside being a teacher in the past. She tells Yuma and Sotaro about the real reasons why she didn’t have a license to teach. It was a difficult time for her, and she had to raise her son, and she realized creating a fake license could land her a job. They ask her if she was the Million Yen President. No, she says. Her son reveals that he was the one who sent their address after seeing the livestream. On their way back, Sotaro and Yuma make up. At the shared house, Shindou is home and needs to talk to Sotaro, so they leave Yuma in the living room. Later, after messaging Mayu, Yuma gets attacked and falls unconscious. She later wakes up to Shindou bleeding on the floor. Sotaro sits in front of her with a dark and very different expression. “I’m the Million Yen President,” he says.


Highlight: In the scene above, Himeno tells the two former students how grateful she is even though she was fired from the school. She can live without hiding any secrets from her son now. This is especially important because her actions were done for the sake of raising her son.


Episode 15


Sotaro reveals to Yuma his motive and how he thought each one of them were fools manipulated by social media. He attempts to strangle Yuma but is stopped by Shindou, who reveals he’s being exposed on a private live stream with all their friends. Sotaro flees. One week later, Junko is discharged, and Sotaro is nowhere to be found. They gather at the house to celebrate Junko’s release from the hospital, but Yuma is still in low spirits. Shindou makes a speech, saying they should all move on and forget about Sotaro. Gocchin speaks up and reveals that they’ve secretly been trying to find him. This makes Shindou blow up, making everyone suspicious. A video suddenly begins playing on the open laptop in the kitchen, a mysterious voice revealing the answer: Shindou is the real Million Yen President.

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