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It’s A Success! Ainori’s 4th Couple - Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey Season 2 (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2018-2019) Episode 9 Summary and Recap

A fateful day has arrived. Will Yuuchan succeed in confessing to Myanmar? (I get another failed feeling as I feel that Myanmar still wants to travel and I think he likes Moa.) In this episode, they will visit the foot of the mountain of the Himalayas. There, Yuuchan will proceed with her plan. They trekked for some time to see the magnificent view. It was rainy when they went there but fortunately, the sun showed up. When they were resting, Yuuchan cried because of anxiety and nervousness. Depparin comforted her and encouraged her. They even sang the theme song of Ainori.  After more than two hours of hiking, they arrived at the Dhampus hill. Unfortunately, the Himalayan mountains were covered in clouds. Still, they went to say their wishes and proceeded to eat lunch. Yuuchan made a decision to still confess her love even if the Himalayas wouldn’t show. In their free time, they get to roam around the vicinity. Yuuchan and Myanmar got some alone time while Tom and Moa were on the other side. Then, she began to confess her feelings. Myanmar was listening to her attentively and patiently waiting for every word that came out of her mouth. After a short pause, she was able to say it. That she has fallen in love. Meanwhile, the trio: Depparin, Dr. Morimori and Hidekun noticed what was happening to Yuuchan and Myanmar so they were surprised. Moa and Tomu didn’t know what was happening so they were confused about the situation. Back at the hotel, the confused Tomu and Moa and the surprised trio were gathered by the crew for the announcement. During an interview with the staff, Yuuchan herself says that she feels that Myanmar would reject her because she sees that he still wants to travel and that he’s into Moa. She also said that she was thankful for being part of Ainor and that she gained wonderful experiences and growth. 


The following day, they were still in Pokhara, and Yuuchan was already waiting for Myanmar. The rest of the members were waiting and watching from the wagon. And while waiting for him to arrive, she was practicing the speech she’s going to say. Then, Myanmar arrived and she proceeded to say her speech. He said that he was glad to hear what she said but he seemed serious and decided. He said he wasn’t sure if he would be able to convey his feelings properly but still proceeded to. But… (OH MY GOD THIS REALLY CAUGHT ME OFF GUARD!!!!!!) After a long pause, Myanmar also said that he likes Yuuchan and he will come back to Japan with her!!! (I swear I was over the moon!!!!!!!!! I was corrected and Myanmar actually likes her too!!!!) Even Yuuchan was surprised. She didn’t expect it at all!! Actually, nobody expected it. Back in the wagon, the members were happy for them and cheering for them! When it’s time for the kiss, Yuuchan got shy and kept on running away XD It was her first kiss after all! Depparin and Moa came running to Yuuchan and hugged her. They were both happy for her! When they went back to the wagon for the final goodbye, Tomu cried hard because he became close to Yuuchan. They were together in Season 1. They thanked each other for the experience. 

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