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Savage, yet appreciable. Strong hearted, yet killed by vanity

I feel that the title is aptly describing the situation? The title of the movie, as said in the last article, Is quite savage. I have seen yakuza movies, bloodshed, surprise horror, and stuff that will make your eyebrows raise. But this is not a box office material. because once you watch the movie, you know that this is the level of stuff that gets nominated at the Japanese Film Festivals, in the short-movie category. The region has been going through turbulence, and as you can see, someone has been caught polluting the water bodies. It's a quite peculiar way and is odd enough to distract anyone's mind from the real aspect of the movie. Set in the era of Samurais, possibly the Edo period, I would advise again anyone wanting to watch this, ask your parents if you ain't still an adult, buddy. A really harsh scene is about to come, and no one with an immature mind will enjoy it. 

As for the name of the movie, Go Seppuku Yourself

img Jess
2021-09-18 04:33:32
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