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Face Your Fears! - Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey Season 2 (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2018-2019) Episode 8 Summary and Recap

After driving for an hour, they arrived at a certain location. Kamal, their driver, took them to see what it is like living in the poorest country in Asia. They saw the children living in the streets. They visited a facility where they were shown different rooms. The women there were survivors of human trafficking. One woman there was kidnapped and sold to a brothel in India when she was 12 years old. She told her story and fortunately she was saved by a NGO who was posing as a client, Through that she was able to return to Nepal. However, she will never be able to return to her hometown as what happened to her was a disgrace and her family would be branded as “prostitute’s family”. Hannah, the seer of the place, also shared her story to the members. She shared that it was once her dream to work in a brothel since she’s an “untouchable” in the caste system, and the only work as a Badi people could do is to prostitute themselves. The members felt emotional as they were listening to the story. The following day, they went to the school Ainori Charity built in Nepal 10 years ago. Over 64 million Yen were collected from the viewers. Through the donations, seven schools were built in different countries across Asia, Africa, and elsewhere. It was a 7 hour drive from Kathmandu to Janakpur, the location of the school. After another two hours of travel, they were able to see the pink school. There are more than 360 children and 6 teachers. Since it was built 10 years ago, more than 1000 children have studied there. It even produced nurses, civil servants, and engineers. After visiting the school, they went to the village where Badi people live. 


To continue their trip, they boarded the wagon again. Inside, Moa sat beside Tomu. Moa was thinking hard to keep the conversation flowing but Tomu wasn’t still feeling himself. Back in the city, they had Wai wai for dinner. It was just typical ramen. Meanwhile, Moa noticed that Myanmar was sweating a lot and asked if he wanted to borrow her towel to wipe the sweat. Even though Moa didn’t mean anything to that, Yuuchan thought that she liked him. Depparin noticed the situation and she called Yuuchan and went outside to talk. She gave her advice that she should begin her move. The next day, inside the wagon, Moa and Myanmar sat beside each other and Yuuchan noticed that they seemed to be having fun in the conversation. She said that it was hard to watch. Their next destination was Pokhara, a city with a beautiful lake. While given free time, Moa was asked out by Myanmar and Yuuchan was grouped with Dr. Morimori. Myanmar, in an interview, said that he would’ve always wanted to spend time with Moa but for some reason, keeps ending up being with Yuuchan. After Dr. Morimori and Yuuchan’s hangout, she went to look for Myanmar. For 40 minutes, she went looking for him and she didn’t give up. But when she finally saw him, she witnessed how he was enjoying his time with Moa. She was shattered. Back in the wagon, she cried to Depparin. The following day, it seemed that she decided to face her fears and confess to Myanmar. 

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