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A harsh scene, worth a thousand praises.

Truth be told, I stumbled upon the movie by chance and was quite horrified/appalled if you may say, by the naming choice of the movie. Perhaps I read the book by its cover because the name, trans literally as well as metaphorically, conveyed to me just one message - Go Fuck yourself. INDEED I beg pardon for this indecency, but after watching the movie, I sighed with relief. Why so? It's a short, 26-minute drama, and to say, damn serious. One of the precariously most beautiful music quality, well-composed, and DARK theme complementing it will make your blood curl out and out. The person here is wearing a demon mask, which signifies a lot of things. And, I think I stopped the GIF at the right moment, because



The next scene is probably predictable, even though your face will frown at the thought, and even more of a frown when you see what's next. This is not a horror move, but the fact that its intensity and audio simulation is something like feeling a cold sword from the Edo period at your neck, you need one damn hell of a strong heart. Stay tuned for the name now :-P until the next post 

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