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Moving on is not about just forgetting mistakes, but acknowledging them

The best moments in any series are when the character you are rooting for acknowledges his/her faults. Why? Because the most interesting thing of the WHOLE series comes after this mindful confrontation, that being the growth spurt taking place within the character. It may be physical, mental, or both, accompanied /or not by a time skip. Toa is finally getting hit HARD by Youka's comments, which really make me smile WIDE. I have a slightly negative view of Toa, as she is quite not the girl I would want at the chair, sitting on the helm of the Student council. Coming episodes have a lot of hope for me, and I expect great things, improving plot and deeper character-ism. Or characterisation, whatever you say. 

PS- this is still an idol-ishh show, still meh from me hahaha

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