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Follow Saretara Owari (2019) Episodes 7-9 Summary + Highlight

This post contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!


Episode 7


Yuma and Sotaro are finally dating! However, Sotaro has gotten a little too busy with work, and speaking to Mayu about it helps Yuma cope. The new couple arrange a date, which immediately gets cancelled because of work reasons again. Shindou invites Yuma over to the house he shared with Taiyou and Sotaro, suggesting that she cook a meal for when her boyfriend comes home. They have a chat about Taiyou and Junko, with Shindou telling Yuma that it’s become difficult for him to face the two because of the very different side of them which the group came to know. When Sotaro comes home, he and Yuma talk out the difficulties of finding a common time to spend together. The next day, the group (sans Taiyou and Yuki) gathers at Junko’s hospital room again. This time, the recovering girl had some propositions on who the culprit was.


Episode 8


Junko reveals that she suspects the Million Yen President is their former teacher, Ms. Himeno. When asked why, she says it’s perhaps because of the prank video from back then, Himeno probably wanted revenge. Further discussion resurfaces another secret of the past: how they found out Himeno did not have a teaching license. They were close to her because they got together as part of the Cultural Festival Committee. One day, they saw a comment under the prank video saying she doesn’t have a license and immediately found evidence. Himeno overhears them but they swear to her they’d all keep it a secret because she was a good person. However, sometime later, Himeno is suddenly fired, and the Cultural Festival is called off. The eight students run to her before she leaves the school, but they’re unable to stop her since the decision is final.


Highlight: In the scene above, Himeno tells the students how silly she was, bowing her head in front of them. Junko bends down, trying to see the expression on the teacher’s face. Junko is convinced she was glaring at them as she left and mumbled something resentful under her breath as well. Sotaro disagreed and said she was in pain.


Episode 9


The group continued to suspect Himeno, except for Sotaro and Yuma, who were closest to her. Sotaro walks out with Yuma, having had enough of the accusations against their former teacher. Kaji suggests that there might be a traitor among them, leaking info to Himeno. Shindou leaves, feeling guilty about pointing fingers. When he sees the couple in the lobby, he tells them he’s called over to his workplace. But when Sotaro comes home later, anticipating good news, he finds out his roommate got in trouble. He was accused of plagiarizing a design from another company. Coincidentally, the Million Yen President followed him back though he had already blocked him. After another argument, Shindou ends up leaving as well, needing space just like Taiyou did.

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