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Change is hard, especially when you are old

If you are a jail convict, or a respected sarariman, a teacher or a gardener, even an astronaut or a scientist, or to change viewpoints, someone's parent (except for beggars), as you grow old, you want to be NOT a bother on others. You don't want others to see you as a liability. It's demeaning to your mind and soul, that no one acknowledges your worth, Masao-san has tried hard to finally fit in with society, but his background plays a big role in his future. Hisatoshi-san, is here not to boss around our Ojisan, so don't worry, no hostile feelings! It's honorable to see the resolve of this old man wanting to change, for peace of mind that his mind can enjoy, and possibly, accepted by the ever-changing society. 


Perhaps this was an ambiguous description? So check out the movie- Under the Open Sky

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2021-09-24 03:36:28
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