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99.9: Keiji Senmon Bengoshi (99.9 Criminal Lawyer)

The Thing that made it at this level was a high-level and interesting Scriptwriting because to make viewers kept interested in the premise and plot of Drama Comedy, It had to have its own specialty. Besides high-level Scriptwiriting the casting selection was also an important part to run this Drama. Guess what? They (The production Team) were successful in order to select casts perfectly.
Jun Matsumoto as Miyama Hiroto succeeds in bringing chemistry of his role very well, the act of being ignorant and unfairness well fitted in him. Kagawa Teruyuki as Sada Atsuhiro is a senior of Miyama who had a grumpy side and atypical of Senior that you can meet in an office you worked for was also brought the situation to be more colorful and interesting. For the Side Characters, I don’t wanna give my comment about it, because I just need these 2 main characters to live the situation of this Drama.
For the rest of the review, I personally think you should watch it by yourself. Because I don’t wanna give my bias to you who don’t watch it yet, so you can give your honest review towards it. In the end, I just wanna say that this drama is successful and entertaining.

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