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High-Paying Job In Just Hours? - Scams Episode 1


When you are at your worst, life seems to dump more problems on you, burying you to the ground even more. For Makoto, he just got fired from his job, he has an empty bank account, and to top that off, he just heard from his mom that his father is hospitalized due to cancer. His dad's cancer is growing fast, and the only procedure that can help him would cost a fortune. At this time, Makoto can only hope and pray that his job interview the following day would land him the job.

This episode centers on scams (as per the title, obviously) and the money-making business that it is. Makoto, as the episode opens, is shown as an expert at scamming people off their money. But before that, we come across his backstory.


Desperate for easy money, he takes his friend's offer of a part-time job that pays 300,000 yen in just two to three hours. Pretty sketchy stuff, right? But Makoto still takes it - it seemed like the only choice he had at the moment. He gets informed at the last minute that it was a money transfer scam, and he and his friend had to make sure to scrub off their prints when using the ATM. Makoto gets the job done, but his friend screws it up and gets chased by the cops. Because he seemed like an "interesting individual", he gets recruited for another job - which we will find out more about in the next episode.

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2021-09-17 15:15:41
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