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You Have to Help Yourself - 深夜食堂 Midnight Diner Tokyo Stories Ep 7

I personally have a negative feeling against those who rely too much on other people, and never trying to find a way to earn a living on their own. I understand that we have various backgrounds, we were raised a number of ways, and our upbringings are all different. But it's up to us to work through that and make sure that we do not inconvenience other people for our benefit.


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This episode focuses on a resident diner Mr. Chu, and his teenage crush Ms. Okae. Ms. Okae's only family right now is her nephew, but he's a 40-year old bum who keeps on drinking and asks for money from her. While Ms. Okae sees it like she's raising her own child, Mr. Chu sees the nephew leeching off of her. He tries to tell her nephew off but instead does damage to the relationship, causing the nephew to run away instead, while taking Ms. Okae's money and belongings.


This story hits me because I had an uncle who relied on my mother a lot, not working and my mom works two jobs to support her own and her brother's family. I hated that I am working for my own living, and he's so much older and much more capable but cannot do the same thing for his own family. I don't have a family just yet, but I understood independence and the value of money at an early age, and that's why I'd rather work for my own than depend on other people to feed me and pay my bills. Life is hard, that's a given, but if we don't push ourselves to move along and get started, nothing's going to happen.

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