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The Secret Room In The Bar - The Wallflower ヤマトナデシコ七変化

The four guys continue to try and transform Sunako-chan into a "lady", to honor their landlady's request and get free rent for the rest of their stay in the house. They get along well as Sunako-chan helps with house chores and cooking, but this time they have to pick up the pace - the landlady is coming home the next day.



Sunako goes out and, at her current state, she still can't stand to be near attractive or well-dressed people. She finds a dimly lit store during her walk, and immediately runs inside - to the innermost corner where there is a secret room, perfect for Sunako. The owner gives her service drinks and cookies, as his way of being grateful that finally, someone noticed a secret room that he built. The room is full of books, but the only lights are candles, which barely give enough glare for the room to even be recognized outside. There is a small slot where the owner can reach Sunako, to be able to hand over food from the bar.


The café master is expected to hang around for the rest of the series - having interactions not only with Sunako but with the rest of the group. What is surprising is his clear liking to Sunako. When Sunako asked him for a gloomy shopping district, he was able to give the perfect setting for her - a rundown alley with only one open store. He acts weird with Kyohei, having sudden fights and challenges (where Kyohei always loses). But with Sunako, he treats her like a daughter, keeping the secret room only for her (which goes back to Sunako being the only one who actually discovered it).

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