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World War Depparin - Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey Season 2 (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2018-2019) Episode 6 Summary and Recap

Things are going fast and it’s already the 6th episode! The members went to a restaurant and got to eat a Nepalese specialty, Dal Bhat, a type of curry. Before eating, they get to wash their hands first. After lunch, the ladies gathered together and said that if Yuuchan wanted to change, she should put in more effort. It seems that Yuuchan is becoming dependent on Depparin which is why she has to improve and change her ways. That evening, they set a welcoming party for Hidekun when something happened. A glass Hidekun was holding had its bottom broken. Over the drinks, Depparin opened up about her thoughts and feelings on why she joined the show for the second time around. She also voiced her concerns because the male members seem to be just enjoying themselves and ignoring the female members. She just wishes for them to spend time together and be honest about each others’ feelings. After a while, Depparin targeted Yuuchan. She called her out for being too much dependent. Depparin said not to take things too lightly and started lecturing her in a harsher tone. (History repeats itself..) None of them even stopped her. After lecturing Yuuchan and even explaining her side, she turned to the male members and started lecturing them as well because they are all quiet. He said that it’s much when she got in a fight with Hatomune because they were able to express each other's feelings. One by one, they started talking. Tom walked out on the situation because there’s nothing she can do. This time the main director of Ainori stepped up and handled the situation. He suggested that they wrap up the situation and just talak when everyone is siber. But Depparin doesn't want it to end that way. She continued talking and said that even though she was seen as a troublemaker in the last season, there are still people who like and support her. She said that she doesn’t care about her image as long as she finds love. All she wants is for everyone to be honest to each other. 


As the restaurant is about to close, they still haven’t arrived at a conclusion. Depparin said that they will continue to talk at the hotel. The  men threw their opinions within themselves and said that they are outside of the issue and that the situation worsened because Depparin likes to meddle in others’ businesses. Yuuchan, who was seated at the alley, was joined by the male members. They comforted her and told her encouraging things. Back at the hotel, only the male members were inside the girls’ room and Yuuchan was not with them. That infuriated Depparin more as she said that there’s a lot of time to be alone and why did she choose the time at that moment. Tomu and Dr. Morimori went out and looked for her (they just wanted to be out of the drama. I mean, who doesn’t? It’s getting out of hand). Afterwards, she went out and looked for Yuuchan, when she found her, she charged at her and Tomu came in between them. The director also helped to calm Depparin down. Little by little, people from around the town gathered and watched the scandal. She couldn’t be stopped even by a man so they had to carry her to the hotel. Tomu, who wanted to be alone, was joined by Moa because she also apologized. He couldn’t help but cry when he thought of the situation. Tomu thinks on quitting and Yuuchan as well. Depparin also said she wanted to quit. Even the main director wanted to quit XD 

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