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Failed Couple + Budding Couple - Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey Season 2 (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2018-2019) Episode 5 Summary and Recap

The day of the confession came and it’s the moment of truth. Isamuchan is waiting for Yuuchan now. (I really think he will be rejected :<) The members are watching from the wagon. RIght then, Yuuchan arrived. I really think it’s fast. Everything seems fast. It’s just the 4th episode. Isamu now says his piece. He expressed his desire to come back to Japan with him. Then it’s her turn to say her feelings. She said that with him around, she’s relaxed. She’s happy and thankful for everything but she thought he was in love with Moa. SHe said that she really feels at ease whenever he’s around. She’s very torn because she likes someone else. She was honest and kind throughout but she cannot go back to Japan with him. (TT_TT) I hope he finds love soon when he comes back to Japan. It’s sad but he has to say goodbye to everyone. Tom was really sad and he burst into tears. They thanked Isamuchan and wished them luck as well. Yuuchan left a letter for him. 


The following day, they left India and went to the next destination which is Nepal. They went to find the love wagon and were welcomed by their driver, Kamal. They each get 1800 Yen per day as their spending budget. The new member will also join them. After 10 minutes, they met Hidekun from Tokyo, a beautician. For Depparin, as usual, she’s on the go for the new member. They are now in the capital city Kathmandu. They went to Durbar square where they were given free time. Depparin almost immediately asked Hidekun to go with her. She asked questions about his life as a beautician. After their talk, she then went to Dr. Morimori because she said that she’d like to have a deep conversation with him. She said that she likes to see his hidden side. She believes that he hasn’t revealed his true self yet. The following day, it was revealed that Myanmar’s luggage got lost. Apparently his things didn’t arrive at the airport.  He said that he doesn’t mind if he wears the same clothes everyday. Yuuchan lent him some clothes that he could possibly wear during the trip. The next day, Myanmar wore the clothes from Yuuchan. They went to an amusement park afterwards. Yuuchan and Myanmar went together. They decided to ride the ferris wheel. He even held her hands during the ride. Yuuchan was really happy. 

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