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First Ainori Couple of the 2nd Season? - Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey Season 2 (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2018-2019) Episode 4 Summary and Recap

For this episode, they have arrived at Kochi, a port city. When they got the pocket money for the day, something unexpected happened. Isamuchan, who was about to ask Yuuchan, was asked by Yuuchan herself! They almost clashed when coming for each other. However, it was a short-lived happiness for Isamuchan. Over dinner, Yuuchan asked him for some advice about the things she could do because she can hardly talk when she’s with Myanmar/ (My poor heart for isamuchan!! He, is again, in the friendzone). The following day, they went to a fortune teller. Isamuchan was the first one again to try. The fortune teller said that he will get married in two years and that he has already met the girl of his dreams. Meanwhile, he seems to be making something in his hand and it was revealed to be a bracelet. He gave it to Yuuchan and he put it in her ankle. That night, he was interviewed and said that he enjoyed the day. He hopes she gets the message. The next day, they went exploring the town. They saw some coconuts and a man, who turned out to be a Guinness world record holder for most coconuts smashed in one minute, showed them his talent. The male members tried to smash a coconut but failed xD Afterwards, as they were on the road, they began playing a storytelling game. Isamuchan started first and then Yuuchan. Then, Depparin said she wanted to hear Yuuchan’s voice so Yuuchan spoke and laughed loudly. In the interview, she said that she can talk more like that. That night, they were at the park again and Yuuchan and Isamuchan were together. They went to sit in a swing and played a storytelling game. The following day, they went to Kovalam, another beach. Isamuchan was alone and seemed to be thinking deeply about something. That night, back at the hotel, he started making a present for Yuuchan. He made origami flowers for her. (I hope that he gets the most out of this! I don’t want to see him get brokenhearted :<) The following day, he went to the wagon to get the tickets. 


That afternoon, in Kovalam beach, Isamu was waiting for Yuuchan to arrive. He was extremely nervous. Yuuchan arrived and decided to surprise Isamuchan behind his back. He began talking and expressing his thoughts. He relieved the memories they made and enjoyed together. But she doesn't seem to notice the situation. He then gave the origami bouquet to her. She was happy and amazed. Then, he let the tickets out and gave one to her. (I have a bad feeling about this… :<) The staff came and informed them about the confession and they were surprised. Over dinner, Tom cried. He will miss Isamuchan. 

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