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Time To Give Up? - Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey Season 2 (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2018-2019) Episode 3 Summary and Recap

In this episode, they arrived at the Chowpatty beach on the Arabian sea. While they were walking around, they were offered to try head massages and they went for it. Isamuchan was the first one to try. Back in the hotel, Isamuchan said that he wanted to do something about his hair. The boys gave him a “makeover” and said that for the first time in his 29 years of life, he received a proper “pampering”. Afterwards, they went to see the female members who were waiting for them at the lobby. Depparin immediately noticed the change. The women loved it. That night, Isamuchan asked Yuuchan out for a talk. They chatted for a while then Isamuchan asked her if she’s interested in someone at the moment. She threw back the question at him and said that there is someone he likes. However, I think he got the other impression that Yuuchan likes someone else and he said that he felt like crying. He thinks that he is nothing compared to the other members. The following day, they went to Bengaluru (formerly known as Bangalore). They were taken to the IT Village and they were all impressed. They get to visit Manoj, a college student studying system engineering, and his family. His sisters are also aiming to work in the IT industry. Later that day, Depparin asked Dr. Morimori out for a date. She stated that he’s too perfect -- meaning can do a lot of things. He said that all he ever did was study. He even ranked 6th in the nation once in the 80th percentile. The following day, inside the wagon, she did not sit beside Dr. Morimori because she’s gonna play hard to get. But that backfired because Dr. Morimori rested his head on Moa’s shoulders (which I think he does to everybody -- he’s too nice!). She saw it and just covered her face. 


Later that day, Isamuchan was asked to do something funny to relieve Moa’s car sickness. Apparently, his mangaka sensei foresaw the scene and gave him some advice. She said that he should be able to pull a joke right at the moment. That night, Isamuchan invited Yuuchan out and they arrived at a night market. Depparin suggested that since it was always the guys who ask the girls out, they will switch parts. The people in the studio who think that Yuuchan will asak Isamuchan out were surprised because she asked Myanmar instead. Depparin and Moa both picked Dr. Morimori, and Tomu and Isamuchan went together. Past the meeting time, Myanmar and Yuuchan were late because the juice they ordered took a long time to be made. Moa, Isamuchan, and Tomu came looking for them and when they returned, they were set aside. Moa then told Isamuchan to scold them as he was the oldest in the group. During an interview, Yuuchan seemed happy about her date with Myanmar. She thinks that she might be in love. 

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